Ocean Cliff | Newport, RI

I was so happy to be able to photograph Amanda and Derek’s wedding which was my first two-day affair! They had a beautiful ceremony at sunset on Saturday night and celebrated their marriage the next day at Ocean Cliff in Newport, RI.

I met Amanda for the first time at her parent’s house in Massachusetts. I like to meet my couples in person before their big day but this isn’t always possible. No worries, though! Amanda is a very sweet person and I knew from the moment we met we were going to have an amazing weekend. In fact, I don’t think Amanda stopped smiling for even a second!

After getting ready we headed to the church for Amanda and Derek’s first look. I love when a couple chooses to have a first look. It gives the couple a few minutes before all the craziness to just be with each other and just share a loving embrace and kiss in private. It’s always a very wonderful moment that I feel blessed to be able to capture.

After a beautiful ceremony, Amanda and Derek greeted all of their guests with a receiving line. This is a situation where a receiving line really works. It gave Amanda and Derek a chance to really see all of their guests. Generally, I discourage receiving lines but because the celebration was taking place over two days we weren’t worried aboutĀ sticking to a tight timeline.

The next day we met early at Ocean Cliff for formals and romanticsĀ of the very happy couple. After 2 hours of photos, the party really started! Dancing, food, and the ocean! It was a wonderful day!

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