Rachel’s Lakeside, MA

There is no better way to describe LeeAnn and Alex than a fun couple! They laughed and played the whole time at their wedding. I love seeing a couple that enjoys each other’s company that much! Not only are they in love but they are the best of friends too.

I met with LeeAnn and Alex for the first time in February the year that they got married. We instantly hit it off and they booked before even leaving my office. I love when I can click with a couple like that. Sometimes you just know when it’s a perfect fit. I was excited that I would get to capture their day at Rachel’s Lakeside. It was my first time shooting there!

Finally, October came and it was time for their big day! We met LeeAnn at her parent’s house for some getting ready pictures with her mom and sister and then headed to St. Mary of the Bay Catholic Parish. We were running a little behind so as soon as the limo pulled up we ran inside to set up at the end of the isle because the bride was on her way! They had a wonderful traditional catholic mass and shared a very enthusiastic kiss to finish the ceremony!

From there we headed to Rachel’s Lakeside in Dartmouth, MA for their family formals and romantics. LeeAnn had her eye set on a couch she had had seen inside and after asking the right people we were able to get it outside for some very unique photos. How cute are they cuddling on it?! I love anything to help make a couple’s photos uniquely them! A couch, sneakers, and some bubbles were perfect!

After a fun reception of dancing, speeches and a special treat (they had s’mores!) we headed home for the night. We had a blast and we wish LeeAnn and Alex all the best with their lives together!