Seaport Inn and Marina | Fairhaven, MA

Seaport Inn and Marina is such an interesting space! The mirrored ceiling makes the room seem like it goes on forever! This was my first time photographing there so it was a fun challenge setting up lights and seeing what I could do with the space.

I really loved watching Lisa and Dennis “Tie the Knot”. Even if Lisa had a little bit of trouble doing it!  They used climbing rope cord and it kept getting tangled but after the third try, she finally got it!

You might not be able to tell but poor Dennis put on such a brave face for the whole day. Dennis was recently in an accident at work where his arm was pinned between a fire truck and a wall! You’d never be able to tell from his infectious smile while looking at Lisa.

Lisa and Dennis also had a magician during cocktail hour which I thought was amazing!! He went table to table doing card tricks and delighting guests. It was really cool!

I have no doubt that this sweet and charming couple will be together forever!  Congratulations!!

Venue: Seaport Inn and Marina

Cake Artist: Aimee Bacon Wilding

DJ: Norm Yelle

Hair Artist: Kiley O’Connor

Makeup Artist:  Stephanie Howard

Dress: David’s Bridal

Suit: Professional Image

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