Fall Engagement Session Inspo

Fall Engagement Session season is right around the corner! I feel so lucky to live in Rhode Island and get to see the leaves change every year. Some years have better foliage than others but even the worst years are amazing! I thought I would share a few of my favorite photos from last year’s fall sessions for some inspiration.


Are you considering the fall leaves to be apart of your engagement session? There are several places in Rhode Island that I love to take advantage of. First, because it is so centrally located, is Roger Williams Park and zoo. This park is amazing in the Spring and Fall. There are so many features to use there is it crazy: Water, bridges, trees, paths, everything!

I also love Newport in the fall. It has such an old-world feel to it which is so cute. There are also a number of town square areas to take advantage of. You also have the benefit of getting some cliff walk/beach action in there too!

Colt State Park is another great location with a ton of features: Water, stone walls, pretty bridges.

I’m also hoping to try the Cumberland Monastery this year. I’ve been just as a place to hike with my boys but it is so lush with trees its stunning in the fall!

What to wear:

Fall is such a transitional time of year that predicting what the temperature will be is always tough. For your own comfort, it’s best to have different layers. Something very light as a top and then nice jeans, pants, or longer skirt as a bottom. Then you can change up what you have on top for quick wardrobe change options. You can bring a neutral colored sweater, cream and navy are popular. A coat with a scarf are always a good choice. Flannel is a must for fall photos, isn’t it?

Should I get my hair and/ or make-up done:

YES! This is a professional photoshoot. Treat yourself! Men, have a fresh hair cut and trim up your facial hair as desired. Ladies, a nice blow-out, make-up, and yes lashes can make a world of difference to take your photos from cute to WOW! Seriously though, you are spending money on these photos, why not look and feel your absolute best in them?


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