Smoke Bomb Experiment

A few months ago I put out a model call for what I called my smoke bomb experiment shoot. I had never worked with them before but I was very excited to try! I knew that they were becoming more popular and would definitely be requested in sessions more often.

Heather and Michael were one of the first couples to respond! I had actually met them at a bridal show in the spring so I was excited to get to work with them. They were fully aware that I had not worked with the smoke bombs before but I promised they would still end up with some beautiful photos of them together anyway.


  • I quickly learned that the smoke spreads out so quickly in the wind! We moved locations and that seemed to work a lot better.
  • Let the smoke build-up and you can really see the color of it.
  • You can’t move them too quickly or it looks streaky, not billowy.
  • The 90-second ones work so much better than the 30-second ones, but I think both worked pretty well.
  • The color can stain fingernails and clothes of you hold it too close to where the smoke comes out.
  • Having an assistant with you is 100% necessary! They can hand the smoke bombs to your clients while you are ready in place or wave the smoke behind them while they pose.


Heather and Michael did an amazing job! After we used all my smoke bombs we walked over to this cliff area for some sun-filled photos more typical of my engagement sessions. Then we walked down to a cove where we caught a sailboat photobombing their photos!

This smoke bomb experiment was so informative for upcoming sessions and I am so thankful that Heather and Michael helped me out by being amazing models.

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