What should I wear for my winter engagement session?

Winter can be a tricky time to figure out what you should wear for your winter engagement session. You want to stay warm but you also don’t want to look like you are two giant balls of puffy jacket. I’ve put together a few ideas to get you started and threw in a few tips and tricks along the way!


White is always a good choice!

Weddings, snow, and winter all make me think of white! It’s a perfect neutral for your photos and allows your partner to wear a neutral or a bright color. I like this outfit combination in particular because it looks cozy and classy. A long statement necklace can break up the solid color and jewelry with a little sparkle will compliment your new sparkly ring. 
winter engagement session, outfit


Cold Weather Accessories

The cold weather allows you to add a lot more accessories! There is something really attractive about a guy in a scarf and it’s an accessory that seems to always make guys feel a little more comfortable in front of the camera. Hats, gloves, scarves, blankets, all are perfect to keep you warm and cute for your winter photos. Pair them with lighter sweaters or jackets if it doesn’t get as cold in your area to still get a fun winter look without melting like a snowman.



winter engagement session, outfit

Jackets are like a Second Outfit

There are so many options for cute jackets in the world! I’m a huge fan of a peacoat for men or women. They are wonderful at keeping you warm without making your figure really boxy. This one even has a fuzzy collar to keep you even more snuggly warm! I have a light blue and lace peacoat which would be perfect for an engagement shoot too. Jackets are great for a quick second outfit during a session. Take it off or throw it on for a whole different look. You can also keep it nearby to throw on quickly if you don’t want a jacket in your photos at all because it can get cold!

winter engagement session, outfit


The Color of the Season is Red!!

Red is such a bright and sassy color! White and red also look perfect together! I prefer to wear red pants so I can wear a white sweater. I’m not brave enough for white pants. I’m always getting them dirty! Then you can match the pants with a bold red lip and flirty lashes and BAM! you are a show stopper! I’d suggest your partner wearing something more neutral like a pretty charcoal color. Definitely not green or you will look like Christmas decorations. Although that could make an interesting photo…….


winter engagement session, outfit

That being said, feel free to ignore all of this!!!

Seriously, with all my advice, feel free to use it or not. It’s your photo session!! I want it to best represent you and what you feel amazing in! These are just some helpful ideas if you are freaking out about what to wear. No matter what, you will look amazing as long as you relax and bring your smile! (I know, it’s cheesy but it’s true!)

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