Morgan & Michael | Briar Barn Inn, Rowley, MA

Briar Barn Inn


Grove at Briar Barn Inn in Rowley, MA is a bit of a drive for me but is totally worth it! It has a very cozy barn feel. On the property is also an Inn for overnight guests and a spa so you can start off your wedding weekend fully relaxed.

About the Couple!

Morgan and Michael met online (Ok Cupid) during the first year they moved to Boston for their respective graduate programs. Michael picked her up from her evening seminar class. He even got out of the car and opened the door for her in the rain! He surprised her with dinner at Legal Seafood and a movie, and the rest is history!

Michael knew Morgan would figure out any surprise proposal plans, so he surprised himself by designing and purchasing her engagement ring in September. Then randomly, he decided to propose to her on a day they happened to be meeting up at Morgan’s parent’s house. They were in a long-distance relationship at that point, and they used Morgan’s parent’s house as a halfway meeting point. Morgan would leave her car and Michael would drive them back to where he was living in Boston. She remembers being annoyed that he was running late for their lunch plans and she was ready to leave without him and bring him back some takeout. Her parents kept stalling because they knew he was on his way to propose! He ended up proposing to her on their front porch. He was so nervous he forgot to get down on one knee and she never let him forget it.

Their favorite part of wedding planning was definitely planning out all of their wedding food. They always envisioned their wedding as an intimate feast and they are definitely foodies at heart.


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