Glen Manor House

Glen Manor House is a gem of a wedding venue this is often looked over for the “Mansions” but it is one of my favorite venues to photograph at!


There are about a gazillion places to take photos there! The floor to ceiling windows on the second floor, the gardens spread all over, the waterfront, even the front of the Manor is beautiful!

Bailey and PM met each other working at Amazon in England! (I already asked, employees don’t get discounts) PM is originally from France and Bailey is from Rhode Island so I felt really lucky that they chose to have their wedding here and I was able to photograph it!

There are so many fun stories about their day. First, we all found it funny that they did their engagement photos during a near-blizzard and then their wedding was on one of the hottest and sunniest days of the year. Then, Bailey was a trooper when her dress ripped but luckily her sister came to the rescue to sew it up with my sewing kit!  PM gave bailey a really awesome gift of a dagger from the TV show Once Upon A Time. The story with the dagger is that the holder of the dagger has the heart of the one it belongs to, so Bailey would always have PM’s heart!!

You’ll notice that Bailey is also wearing two different dresses, both beautiful, in the photos. While Bailey’s ceremony dress was beautiful it was not functional for the partying that was going to happen later. So after all of the formal wedding to-dos, Bailey changed, the band started playing, and these guys partied! They even got up with the Band and played!

Venue: Glen Manor House

Caterer: RI Clam Bake

Cake Artist: Scrumptions

Florist: She did them herself!! What talent!

Videographer: Clear Vision

DJ: Men in Black

Hair Artist: Alagria Salon

Makeup Artist: Alagria Salon

Dress: Alexandria’s in Fall River

Harp: Shelly Otis


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