Smoke Bomb Engagement Session

I get really excited when I have a client who is as excited about photography as I am. When they start coming up with ideas like, ” can we use a smoke bomb in our engagement session?” and “so we have this Harley we’d really like to include in our photos” I get really really excited.

Giana and I talked at length about what she was hoping to get from their engagement session. Sexy, love, dirty, different. Well, I am happy to say that I think we accomplished our goal!

We took advantage of Fort Wetherill in Jamestown for the crazy amount of graffiti they have there. They also have smaller bunkers (are they?) that are amazing for some dramatically lit photos.

Giana also hoped for some sunflowers and the Providence Pedestrian bridge so we headed up north to catch the last light of the day there. It’s always really busy there but if you work some magic you can usually get a few angles that make it look like you have the whole city to yourself.

I can’t wait to photograph their wedding next June!

Want to try them yourself? You can order your own at! Use this link and code TJPHOTO to get 10% off your order and support me in doing more experiments while shooting! The red and purple in this shoot are 30-second smoke bombs and the blue and green are the 90-second smoke bombs. They are set off with a pull ring, not a lighter which is awesome!


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